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The SAODC Committee, Instructors for 2018 and club history.

Patron (left) Mr Jack Baker
President Ms Christine Koch
Vice-president .
Immediate Past president Ms Christine Koch
Secretary Dr Judy Zollo
Treasurer Mrs Sharon Taylor
Chief Instructor Mrs Deb Reid

Committee Members

Mrs Sue Cameron Mrs Hilary Cree
. Ms Ann Farndell
. Ms Barbara Richter-Winter
. Mrs Mary Mutch
Ms Karen Hellak Ms leone Scholefeild
Mr Tony Scholefield .

Instructors (Obedience and Agility)

SAODC instructors are all volunteers, giving their time twice and even three times a week, because they feel they have gained so much from this club, or from dog obedience generally, that they want to give back something of value to the community in this way.

All have undertaken a course of training to make them eligible for the title of Instructor, and are all experienced dog handlers, many of whom have had great success in competition.

The Club has developed a defined syllabus for the five grades of Obedience training. All our instructors follow this syllabus. We hope you and your dog will complete this syllabus with us.

  Chief Instructor
  Deb Reid
  Assistant chief Instructor  
  Tuesday morning supervisor  
. Barbara Richter-Winter .
Bev Dodd John Farmer Mary Mutch
Vivienne Kitto . Ann Farndell
Sharon Taylor Bon Jordan Pin Needham
Sue Cameron Debbie Reid Judy Zollo
Pat Bigolli Brian Scholz Chris Oerman
Christine Koch . .
  Honorary Instructors  
Mary Vahaviolos Julie Brown Karin Hellak
. . Denise French  
  Aspiring Instructors  
. . .
  Rally Instructors
  Mary Vahaviolos    
  Agility Supervisor  
  Ann Farndell  
  Agility Instructors  
Ann Farndell . Sue Cameron
Club history

The South Australian Obedience Dog Club was founded in 1955 by the late Harold Camm, a longtime instructor with the German Shepherd Dog League, who was concerned that training was not available anywhere at that time to cater for all breeds of dogs.

S.A.O.D.C. was established as the first all-breeds dog training club to serve Adelaide and the surrounding community, it has done this continuously and successfully ever since, an achievement and history of which we are very proud.

In those early years, the late Nelson Gare gained South Australia's first Australian Obedience Championship in 1964 with his Boxer, Boxendale Bold Beau, the first of many such honours since achieved by S.A.O.D.C. Members, several of whom have shared their experience and skills with us as Instructors.

S.A.O.D.C. accepts all breeds and cross breeds for training, is affiliated with the South Australian Canine Association (Dogs SA) and is bound by their rules and regulations.
The club enjoys a good working relationship with our governing body, and with other Dog Obedience clubs operating under their 'umbrella', as well as with the Adelaide City Council in whose parklands our Clubrooms and grounds are situated.

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